The pitchfork brigade

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ConAgra may have succeeded in netting 35 million impressions, but a sampling of comments shows most people wanted to storm Frankenstein's castle.

"Truly one of the most disturbing examples of our craft I've seen."

"Even if you take the technology out of the equation ... it is a lousy commercial. The concept, the writing, the acting, the directing (by David Fincher, no less) would make even Ed Wood cringe."

"This spot is seriously creepy and tasteless as well as completely ineffective. I can't believe the client approved this. Unreal."

"This is beyond creepy: It's tasteless. ... Perhaps you could resurrect Julia Child for Cuisinart next, and have her bleed all over a kitchen set."

"It's creepy. But Crispin has never played things safe. We're talking about it, and it will soon make it to mainstream. Love it or hate it, it will get talked about."

"I really have no idea what they were selling-I can only assume it was popcorn-because I didn't hear a word. My brain was too busy dealing with the revulsion and nausea I was feeling to process sounds. Please make it go away."

"This ad just creeps me out. It does look like they resurrected Orville from the crypt, and I was waiting for him to zip someone's face off, zombie-style."
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