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"There is no improper relationship. Absolutely not. ... I'm meant to have slept with about half the men I've worked with, so I clearly get around, but I can tell you I've never experienced any of the benefits of that."

- Julie Roehm, former senior VP-marketing communications, wal-mart

"This is the last event you'll ever have."

- Group M's Irwin Gotlieb to a Fox account rep during the disorganized start of its upfront presentation

"There are no publishers here who should be concerned about their jobs. I plan no changes, see no need for changes and am very content with the position that we're in."

- Conde Nast CEO Charles h. Townsend

In response to rumors that Vanity Fair publisher Alan Katz would be fired, May 2006. Katz was released in August

"I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project."

- Rupert Murdoch, on News Corp.'s decision to pull the O.J. Simpson TV special

"Men can be betties too."

- Nancy Jarecki, founder of Betty Beauty, marketer of hair colorants for the hair down there (aka betties)

"I'll probably keep a subscription to Advertising Age and have lunch with some of my old pals in the business."

- Edward H. Meyer to The New York Times on what he'll do after his retirement.

"WPP has made it all about WPP. ... That's diminished the respect these individual brands have for themselves. Ogilvy, JWT-what's the third one? ... Y&R. ... These are not brands with great vitality."

- Ron Berger on why he criticized Martin Sorrell at the 4A's management conference

"We've made sure K-Y works at all the relevant touch points."

- Daniel Weiss, group product director-global women's health at Johnson & Johnson

"It's a great time to be a working chimp."

- Marshall Ross, CCO, Cramer-Krasselt, regarding the increase in salaries for chimpanzees in the entertainment business

" The people who are advertising with us, which there aren't many, are getting the bargain of a f---ing lifetime."

- Richard Desmond, OK magazine
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