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"The proliferation of media has probably caused the greatest amount of chaos in terms of budgeting and the expense of it"

-Jon Kamen, chairman-CEO of Radical Media

"It feels like the wild, wild west. We are constantly keeping up with what the new platforms are, whom they reach, when and how"

-David Lang, senior partner-director of programming, MindShare Entertainment

"Most if not all marketers should be doing original web content in a way that's sincere to their brands"

-Mike Vorhaus, managing director, Frank N. Magid Associates

"With a dedicated office, you're a portal to the company. When it comes to the entertainment industry, how do you do that effectively and consistently if you're sitting in Michigan?"

-Myles Romero, director, Ford Global Brand Entertainment

"We've gone from 18 months ago when advertisers were willing to pay $50,000 ... to test video-game ads from an emerging budget ... to now some seven-figure spending and commitments for a whole year"

-Justin Townsend, CEO, IGA Worldwide

"I think we started 2007 with a surprising number of people saying, 'Here's how much my game budget is. Let's see what we can do' "

-Julie Shumaker, VP-sales, Double Fusion
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