Readers' comments regarding diversity numbers

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An earlier story about the Human Right Commission's release of the targets agreed to by the agencies prompted numerous comments from our readers. A sampling:

"Had this industry been less selfish 40 years ago and had the courage to envision a more diverse world in the future, this 'rush to balance the flow of ideas' inside ad agencies would not have be a factor. Too bad the majority in charge were too caught up in their own world or thought too little of the role others could play in the marketing arena, that they refused to share the control. This should be a lesson to all industries: things don't stay the same just because you want them too."

"There's not a single general-market agency/white-owned shop of any real scale that is even pushing 5% ethnic employment (sans IT, support staffers/mailroomers). So how are agencies going to magically triple to quintuple their staffs' ethnic representation within a couple years?"

"It's very likely that these agreements will have little to no impact because there's no public accountability."

"How much do you want to bet it's going to be mostly Asian-Americans and white people with Spanish last names?"

"The interesting follow-up activity will be the changes in how agencies recruit. Do agenices have a clue about how to recruit at historically black colleges? Do they have ways to hire minority grads at the Portfolio Center, Syracuse U. or even the Art Institutes? Are there training programs in place for minoritiy hires? Is it possible for a Latina, Korean, Nigerian, etc. to become a creative director or art director?"
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