One Last Show Designed to Round out the Award Season

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Just when you thought awards season was over and you could put your finest Sunday-going-to-church duds away until next year, the One Club rolled out another one. On July 12, the Club handed out more gold and silver Pencils at its first ever One Show Design awards, which was spun off from the main events due to an increasing tide of entries. And, as if to prove the point that the judges weren't simply confining design to product packaging, one gold pencil went to Blind, Santa Monica, for the video it created for Gnarls Barkley's hit "Crazy."
Gnarls Barkley is not related to Charles Barkley.
Gnarls Barkley is not related to Charles Barkley.

Judges this year included Alan Dye of Apple Computer, Missy Wilson of Move Lab, Paulina Reyes of Kate Spade, among others.

Oddly enough, despite hearing "Crazy" about a million and a half times in the last year, Adages had never seen the video until this particular show. We'd also never seen some of the stuff being sold in the Chelsea Art Museum's gift shop. One particular favorite of partygoers, some of whom laughed like school boys at a fart joke, was what appeared to be an anatomically correct purse. We're not going to try describing what that means other than it wasn't a man-bag and the flesh-colored clutch had some unseemly puckering on one side.

In which our intern learns a skill

Adages felt a little guilty for forcing intern Emily Tan to spend her Fourth of July watching gastrointestinal mutants cram hot dogs down their pie holes. So when Self magazine invited us to attend its "Taste of Self Dishes" cooking classes at the Institute of Culinary Education, we sent Emily in our stead. There, she and 90 Self readers and magazine staffers prepared a gourmet meal that didn't involve organ meats or fried chicken. The night's menu started with pepper-coriander scallops with golden tarragon salad, followed by soy and citrus-marinated flank steak kebabs and finished with mini yogurt coffee cakes.

"It's a natural extension for the magazine," said Yung Moon, executive director of creative services. "It provides consumers with hands-on experience and brings recipes to life."

It also provided our intern with a skill that, unlike journalism, actually serves one well in life. Because of the high turnout, the chefs in training had to be divided into teams specializing in one aspect of the meal preparation. "I can make oranges," said one Self reader as she cut oranges into wedges for the entree. "Now I'll just have to invite all these people I don't know over to do that part and that part."

An old-fashioned dance debate

Obama Girl is back on the scene, but this time she's being challenged (or stepped to, as the kids say) by Giuliani Girl, a smoking-hot supporter of America's mayor. Less a crush song and more of a "'Beat It'-style debate" (in the words of co-creator Ben Relles, of, the video dropped last week at website Barely Political. Amber Lee Ettinger reprises her role as Obama Girl. Giuliani Girl is played by the mono-monikered "Adelina." Leah Kauffman once again provides vocals. Adages can't decide who wins the dance portion of the contest, but Obama Girl comes out on top in the "debate" -- if only because she's given better lines, the best of which is, "Giuliani Girl, just stop your fussing/at least Obama didn't marry his cousin."

Speaking of online political high jinks, Adages discovered an antidote to the Huffington Post, cluttered as that site is with a gajillion Z-list celebrities pounding away on keyboards hoping that one day someone with a little more political clout that the county dogcatcher (or someone with a better chance of getting elected than Al Gore) will take their rantings seriously. That said, check out, which launched today. The stable of bloggers includes: the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama, Britney Spears, Al Gore and Shaquille O'Neal. If you're saying to yourself, "Hey, no way are those people blogging. They're too busy and important" you're right. So the blogging duties have been outsourced to a bunch of humor writers. The results are hilarious. As will be the cease-and-desist order.

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