Think You're Sick of Them Now? Just Wait Till '08

Readers Say Candidates Are Hurting Themselves by Starting Campaigns so Early

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NEW YORK ( -- There was the spat between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Then came ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's early announcement of his intent to run. The new president won't be moving into the Oval Office until January 2009. Isn't it a little early to promote yourself to America? A full 80% of this week's respondents think so.

"The candidates now seem to be launching campaigns against Bush who, obviously, will not be the party's nominee," said Amy Mclean, media director/supervisor, Heavyweights. "Until they begin running against each other, this is just wasted time, money and coverage."

"The candidates who start now will wear voters down past caring over the course of a grim two-year slog to Election Day," said Peter Wiley, creative/production, Arbour Media. "Ideas presented now may be obsolete or irrelevant by '08."

"Chasing money is more important than being president, senator, congressman or judge (Alabama)," said Frances Nelson, media director-supervisor, Davenport Moorhead.

Michael Kape, VP, Healthcare Consultancy Group, said: "By the time we actually have to make a decision, we just won't care.

"There will be enough time for the mudslinging in '08," said Jeffrey Burch, VP, Wicks Sports Information. "The only folks benefiting from starting it now will be the media." Then he added, "Wait, I work in media, and we could use the dollars."

"As a former campaign hack, I remember getting the call from the Clinton campaign back in November 1991. ... He announced his candidacy a bit more than a year before the general election and only a few months before the New Hampshire primary," said Tracee Larson, general manager, VTM.
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