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Net-Neutrality foes 'get served' with video

The Net Neutrality issue is a tough one to figure out. Why, remember what it did to poor Ted Stevens from Alaska? But the folks at We Are The Web have won one battle-the battle for hilarious, yet poignant, video. And they've won big. Aside from the catchy tune, what really makes the video stand out is that it stars some of the web's biggest cult phenomena, including Gem Sweater Museum Curator Leslie Hall, Jay Maynard (aka The Tron Guy), the Chinese lip-synching dudes, and the SpongMonkeys (before they were Quiznos commercial superstars). Oh, and we can't forget to mention one of my all-time favorite web, uh, characters: Randy "Peter Pan" Constan.

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Texas dealers ask Ford to stop being so gay-friendly

The Greater Texas Ford Dealers Advertising Fund has written a letter to Ford Motor Co. CEO William Clay Ford requesting an end to gay-centric advertising. According to Michael Foust, writing for the Baptist Press, the letter strongly urges that "Ford not only cease to advertise in homosexual-related media and events. ... We believe that Ford can and should market to all Americans with transportation needs, but that it should do so without tacitly approving a controversial lifestyle or stance."
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