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'Snakes on a Plane': all hype and little profit?

"Snakes on a Plane" made for great internet buzz, but the media seemed to consider it a dud after it pulled in less than $16 million opening weekend. Blogger Mack Collier begs to differ. He points out that by one metric the movie's doing just as well as "Pirates of the Caribbean." Comparing production and marketing costs, Collier reaches this startling conclusion: "So that means that 'Pirates' production and marketing budget was anywhere from $325-400 million [compared to $32 million-$46 million for 'Soap]. With an opening weekend take of $135, 634,554, Pirates covered 34-42% of its cost on opening weekend. ... Those numbers look pretty similar to me; in fact, it looks as if 'SoaP' did slightly better."

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Dollar signs seen briefly in heavens

For a week, it looked like the solar system was going to make the leap from nine planets to 12. But alas, the vote went the other way, demoting Pluto and leaving us with only eight planets. While disappointing to kids, text books and toys still have to be adjusted to reflect the new reality. Discovery.com says it will be too late for textbook publishers to make a change for this school year. And toy makers are racing to have new astronomically correct versions in stores by Christmas.
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