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Online reviews change the way people eat

Ilana DeBare pens an interesting piece for the San Francisco Chronicle: "Amateur reviews changing approach of small businesses." It opens with an anecdote that shows how one traditional sector-restaurants-is already being affected by online reviews. One budding businessman found that while the old way of going with a soft opening and then working out the kinks might work well with professional reviewers, the customers who had to eat in the place for the first month-those being subjected to those kinks-weren't so understanding. The piece not only looks at a developing trend, but it offers a detailed look at the amateur-review phenomenon and offers some practical advice that should be read by businesses both big and small.

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Battlestar flies into uncharted territory

How do you get your fan base motivated for a new season? Round after round of 30-second promo spots promising the BEST. EPISODE. EVER!!! Or, in the case of SciFi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica," original content delivered over the web that bridges some of the gaps between the last season and the next. The network launched a five-week, 10-episode, online-only prequel season, offering fans two- to three- minute episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.
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