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The spawn of Numa Numa

Remember back in those early days, when viral really meant something-something pure, something untainted by the greasy, money-stained fingers of corporate America? Remember opening your e-mail to find the Star Wars Kid or the Numa Numa Guy entertaining you, not because they were out to make a buck, but because you found them slightly pathetic? Well, get over it. Now, none other than Gary Brolsma himself-aka Mr. Numa Numa-has sold out. He's set up NewNuma.com; launched a viral-marketing contest with Jaeter Corp. and YouTube; and, of course, created a new video. It doesn't have nearly the same voyeuristic appeal as the original, but we're not going to fault the guy for trying to make a buck or two off of his fleeting brush with fame.

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'A coffee shop for every man, woman and child'

In its scramble to overtake Starbucks in the Northeast, Dunkin' Donuts is ramping up its number of stores (10,000 by 2020). The problem, however, is that Dunkin' Donuts may have missed its window of opportunity. Bill Hulkower, a food analyst for Mintel International Group, told the Post: "At some point, you can't have a coffee shop for every man, woman and child." According to Mintel, there is already "one coffee or doughnut shop for every 10,000 people in the United States."
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