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Six Flags promotion has legs (and wings)

Mack Simpson alerted us to a rather intriguing promotional effort by Six Flags Over Texas. And by intriguing, we mean disgusting. According to the Star-Telegram.com, those willing to snack on a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach will be given a free Flash Pass, allowing them to cut those long lines for the cool rides. As Simpson says, "Additionally, they may wish to consider allowing the pass holders to skip to the head of the line at bathrooms as well." We'll also point out that this has to be the first time an amusement park has offered customers food without marking it up 300%.

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WWJB: Jesus gets his own MySpace page

The Church of England hopes it will be forgiven for taking Jesus' MySpace page into its own hands. For its Christmastime "Where will you find him?" campaign, the Church is hoping to appeal to pub-goers and youth with a MySpace page that touts the Christian Lord's interests in facial hair, extreme waterskiing and Monty Python's "Life of Brian." Simon Jenkins of Churches Advertising Network to The Australian: "It may be very arrogant to set up Jesus' MySpace, but it is a voyage of exploration. Let's hope God is guiding it in the right direction."
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