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And yet we fall for it every single time

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes sums up one of the marketing tactics being used for the Sony PS3 and Microsoft's Zune as we head into the holiday season: "'If you want it, order it now! No time to wait! No time to think! Do it! Do it NOW!!!' This is a fantastic marketing tool because people no longer want the product because of features or merit; they want it because they don't want someone else to beat them to it. Pre-ordering also means that no one sees the products on the shelves because they've already made it into the hands of the buyers as soon as they come off the supply chain, adding to the feeling of scarcity. "

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Audrey Hepburn ads lead to hatred of Gap

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Slezak has had enough with the ad campaign for Gap's skinny black pants. In a post headlined "I hate the Gap's ads so much right now!" Slezak writes: "The woman is dead. She did not ask to have her jaunty moment of movie self-expression turned into an idiotic call to pair a white sock with a black trouser." Amen to that. Just because a celebrity's estate gives the OK sign doesn't mean he or she should be inserted into an ad. John Wayne would never drink Coors Light and Fred Astaire would never dance with a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, and Hepburn wouldn't dance to AC/DC while shilling for Gap.
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