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McDonald's viral spreads like disease in Japan

Some 10,000 MP3 players handed out as part of a McDonald's promotion in Japan included songs-and some nasty malware. Sure, it pays to keep tabs on who your consumers are in order to better serve them, but giving them QQPass and sending all their passwords to some anonymous hacker isn't exactly the way to go about it.

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Yes, blogs do work and, yes, we'd like to apologize

It's not exactly exclusive news that AllHeadlineNews.com is breaking when it notes that companies are finally taking notice of blogs. But it was odd that they quoted Richard Edelman, CEO of the eponymous public-relations firm, who says: "It's a way of determining in very short order who's talking positively." Odd because Edelman's had to do some scrambling in the last couple of weeks after another Wal-Mart-related online event went toxic in the blogosphere. Edelman wrote on his own blog: "For the past several days, I have been listening to the blogging community discuss the cross-country tour that Edelman designed for Working Families for Wal-Mart. I want to acknowledge our error in failing to be transparent about the identity of the two bloggers from the outset. This is 100% our responsibility and our error, not the client's."
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