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As seen in 'The New York Times'

Why flying now stinks-literally

There are several "ew" moments in a New York Times story looking at the filthy state of air travel these days. Airlines, looking to trim costs, cut back on in-flight meals and cleaning services. The latter becomes particularly relevant when all those hungry passengers start bringing their own food on the plane and stashing leftovers in various places. Of course, having passengers board a plane that smells like gym socks isn't great marketing. And airlines, if a bit belatedly, are getting that. As Delta Chief Operating Officer James F. Whitehurst tells the Times: "If the seat has crumbs in it, then you're probably not doing your engine maintenance-that's how people think."

As seen in 'The Seattle Times'

There must be something in Washington's water

Perhaps marketing people in Washington state are simply way ahead of the "legalize pot" movement-or at least taking advantage of medicinal-marijuana loopholes. After coming up with the cringe-inducing SayWA slogan to market the state, the good folks trying to sell Seattle have come up with something even worse. According to Gene Johnson, the slogan was unveiled "in 18-foot-tall letters atop the Space Needle: 'Metronatural."' Wow. Just ... wow.
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