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America's shame: The day the PS3 was released

Sometimes ... sometimes ... we just want to hang our heads and cry. Like it wasn't bad enough that grown men would wait in line for days to get their hands on a video-game console. Oh no. To make things even better, behavior surrounding the release of the Sony PlayStation3 ranged from the idiotic-one man outside of a Wal-Mart dislocating his jaw after running into a flag pole-to the thuggish-Connecticut line-waiters being held up at gunpoint. Even politicians got dragged into the act, with John Edwards being embarrassed by Wal-Mart after one of his aides tried to pull rank to get a PS3 early. Only problem? John Edwards, who can afford to shop in both Americas, frequently attacks the low-price retailer and, in fact, did so that same day to a group of union members.

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Office Max proud sponsor of world-record attempt

Seeing your brand name get mashed up on a race car must be exciting. Having Tiger Woods wear your watch must be mind-blowing. However, knowing that you supported the man who's about to unveil the world's largest rubber-band ball? That's, er, titillating? According to BoingBoing.net, Steve Milton is going for a world record: "Experts predict the Office Max-sponsored rubber-band ball ... will break the earlier world record of 3,120 pounds." Sweet.
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