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Doritos does its part to dirty up the world

First, Doritos dirties the beaches of America when a container of the cheesy triangles falls off of a cargo ship. HamptonRoads.com offers photos of the ensuing cleanup. Then we find that Doritos is filthying up the minds of the Japanese. Mack Simpson brought attention to interesting packaging for the chips. Why, yes, that is a man in a funny suit grinding his heel into another man's crotch. Interesting way to market chips, no doubt. Odder still, the guy who should be writhing in pain has a bit of a smile on his face. So Mack, with some help from the folks at the New Shelton wet/dry blog, discovered the character is a popular figure from adult cartoons and the phrase on the side of the bag is from the world of Japanese porn.

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Jann Wenner has some serious explaining to do

After recovering from the shock of seeing a 15-minute tribute to the Beatles as part of the Rolling Stone 10th-anniversary TV special in 1977, one has to wonder why the Beatles didn't sue and/or murder Jann Wenner. And while some things are better left buried, you simply have to watch the video (go to Google Video and search for "Day in the Decade"). Make sure you have plenty of saline solution to wash out your eyes-especially after the Strawberry Fields monsters and the dancing Nixon.
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