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As seen in 'Aviation Week'

No liquids, no shoes, but plenty of advertising

Soon your hellish, invasive TSA screening will be brought to you by your friendly airport operator. Aviation Week broke the news that a pilot program to allow advertising on "divestiture bins, divestiture and composure tables, and metal-free bin return carts." We all feel safer already. Especially since not just anybody can use this new and captive space. "Interested parties will have to partner with airport operators to develop a proposal for TSA review. Only airport operators can submit proposals for use of the checkpoints for advertising," according to a Dec. 21, 2006, posting on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

As seen in 'PC World'

AOL, NetZero, True.com, others just can't quit you

PC World signed up for and then tried to cancel 32 internet-related services. Ten companies proved to be a "big hassle," and another seven proved to be "some hassle." There's no excuse for this sort of behavior. "No means no" is something we all learned in high school. If you're a marketer or media organization that is on this list or engages in practices similar to those who made this list, we have one word for you: STOP. And to employees, PR directors and whoever else may be listening, this explains why people delight in seeing your companies fail.
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