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Dear BBDO: Don't feed the gossip bloggers

A Lies Well Disguised post by Copyranter is too good not to pass along. If Copyranter is to be believed, the gang at BBDO was so upset by something he wrote about them that they called him in for a guided tour. Hilarity ensued as our humble narrator was bombarded with buzzwords, informed that the agency does great work and shown the company bar. C'mon ,guys: If you're going to take the almost-admirable risk of letting the guy in, perhaps you should make it a point not to give him more ammunition. Or, as Copyranter points out, you should have taken him to the bar first to get him good and loaded.

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Tennessee bloggers land Crovitz interview

For those of you who might still be laboring under the impression that things haven't changed, check out this podcast of the Glenn & Helen Show. If you're a hard-core media insider, you might not learn anything new from an interview with Wall Street Journal Publisher L. Gordon Crovitz. But the takeaway here is that two bloggers, neither of whom is part of what's considered the "media establishment," a) were interested in this topic, b) landed the interview, c) had the technology to put this together and d) had this installment of their show sponsored by Volvo.
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