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No more tears: Ozzfest to be free

According to MTV News, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have decided that this year's Ozzfest will be free to concertgoers. Bands won't be paid; instead the tour will rely on sponsors to pick up costs, and merchandise and music sales. Ozzfest is one of the main events of the summer season, but attendance has been shaky in recent years. "It's free to get in, but we're charging you to get out," Ozzy joked at a press conference. According to the MTV story, "In order to get inside Ozzfest this summer, fans must visit the tour's website to find links that will direct them to special sponsor sites where tickets can be secured."

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Gay blogger hammers gay reaction to Snickers

Anyone sick of cries of victimhood every time a commercial is aired should go directly to the Malcontent blog, where blogger Robbie goes to town on "grievance gays" who do more harm than good for the gay cause. Here's a taste: "They cannot speak coherently on gay marriage, they could not prevent three-quarters of states from passing amendments, they have not the tools to persuade the electorate on our issues, but yesterday the professional grievance organizations of Gay America vanquished a candy company, and for that they are heroes. Heroes, at least, if you found yourself among the offended."
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