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Still angry at Di, Prince Charles bashes McD's

Looks like the bonny prince of Wales is angling for Mike Bloomberg's job as Lord Royal Chief of the State of Infantilization and Nannyhood. Speaking to a crowd in the United Arab Emirates, Prince Charles said "that banning McDonald's fast food was crucial for improving people's diets." Is there something more to this? Alastair Jamieson suggests Charles may be lashing out at McDonald's because Princess Di used to take the children there. And an AP report noted that Harry still likes a chicken sandwich every now and then.

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One billion viewers not served by Oscars

Daniel Radosh, writing in the New Yorker, took a moment last week to point out that certain claims about the viewing audience for the Oscars are about as bogus as "Crash" winning an award for Best Picture last year: "But the worldwide audience for the Oscars isn't even close to a billion, as a little common sense makes plain. In the United States, 43.5 million people watched the show last year. That's a lot, but it's 956.5 million short of a billion. Can the show really pick up that many viewers in countries that most of the films and people being honored are not from, and where the speeches are in a language that most of the population does not speak?"
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