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Wieden & Kennedy goes to Finland, blogs about it

You're a London ad-agency executive, and you get to tag along on a trip to Nokialand in Espoo, Finland, for the latest brief in a $120 million global ad-agency search. What else are you going to do but blog about it? "Welcome to Optimism" is a Wieden & Kennedy blog about life inside the London venue, and gosh darnit if they don't make the brief seem like a jovial afternoon's tea. Sure, W&K may have taken the meeting alongside BBH, DDB, JWT, Mother and "a WPP combo team billed as Bates/Grey/ Y&R/RKCR" (if that name isn't a sign of the future, we don't know what is), but the photos and commentary make it look more like a boys' school field trip than a cutthroat competition.

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Reviewer says phone is built for/by morons

Charlie Brooker, in a review of a Samsung phone he received from Orange, writes of the team behind a phone that ushers users into an "overpriced galaxy of idiocy": "And then they probably reached across the table and high-fived each other for skillfully delivering 'targeted content' or something, even though what they should really have done . . . is smash the desk to pieces, select the longest wooden splinters they could find, then drive them firmly into their imbecilic, atrophied, world-wrecking rodent brains."
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