Stick to cash: ATMs aren't the place for selling movie tickets

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Mr. Moviefone can keep his job. Based on results from last week's reader poll, consumers aren't yet receptive to the idea of buying movie tickets at the ATM. JPMorgan Chase has introduced a QuickChoice option that would cut cash-withdrawal transactions nearly in half, a move most readers approved of.

"The new Chase Bank advertisements clearly identify the solution concept and the result-customized ATM screens for faster transactions-but fail to provide a context for the underlying consumer need," said Robert Jericho, managing partner at Inovo Technologies.

Others were more direct in their disdain for extra services. Barbara Scapa, director of new business at MPG, asked: "Who wants to wait in line for cash while the person in front of you is fussing about with their social life?"

Not everyone agrees with the logic, however. "Chase is practicing idiot marketing by attempting to manufacture a consumer need for increased speed where it has never been an issue," said Drew Barrett, brand-communications architect and CEO for Gemz.

But Bianca Lopez, account executive for Deep Focus entertainment marketing and promotions, offered a solution: "If I am taking money out of ATM that is not my bank, I would rather watch an ad than be charged the $2 to $4 fee from both my bank and the ATM that I am 'visiting."'

What you say: 91% of readers believe Chase is correct in reasoning that consumers want to get cash quickly at ATMs and aren’t interested in other services such as dispensing movie tickets. Only 9% consider the ATM to be an untapped resource for consumers’ entertainment-related needs.
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