Super Bowl complaints sent in to FCC just sic-ening (sic)

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You probably already know that Prince-despite having become a religious man late in his career-is a dirty, nasty little man who practically ruined the Super Bowl. Or maybe you didn't realize that a number of people complained that his silhouetted guitar playing struck some people as highly suggestive. Also, that homophobic Snickers ad? It wasn't homophobic at all! In fact, it was so homo-friendly that it practically turned unsuspecting children gay.

Sadly, Adages isn't making this up. The guys over at The Smoking Gun got their hands on some 150 letters of complaint written to our national baby sitters at the Federal Communications Commission.

Wrote one man: "It was obscene to show Prince, a HOMOSEXUAL person through a sheet, as to show his siluette (sic) while his guitar showed a very phalic (sic) symbol coming from his below-midriff section. I am very offended and I would preffer (sic) not to have showed it to my 4 children who love football. One of them has hoped to be a quarterback and now he will turn out gay. I am actually considering to check him for HIV. Thanks CBS for turning my son GAY."

Yet another person wrote: "The snickers bar commercial promoting homosexual behavior was disgraceful, also the giant shadow 'phallus' from prince's guitar was equally disgraceful, this behavior has no place in a prime time major family event. It was easier explaining to the kids about jacksons (sic) boob being exposed, than explaining the pro homosexual theme of this years (sic) event. We will never watch live again, only in tivo, with the half time filth show cut out. It's pathetic when you can't keep porn out of the superbowl, just becuase (sic) 6% of the population is gay."

Ann Coulter couldn't be reached for comment.

Just to set the record straight

It's an odd day at the old Ad Age homestead when someone who's quoted writes in a request to have something he said in a public forum properly attributed to someone else. No, David Ogilvy didn't climb out of his grave to once again protest someone noting that the consumer's your wife without attribution. During a speech at the American Association of Advertising Agencies Media Conference, 4A's Senior VP and Counsel Adonis Hoffman stated that "if advertising were that powerful, people would believe there's talking fruit in their underwear."

Worth a chuckle. Unless, that is, you're Dick Sittig, who apparently wrote the line originally. Sittig-creator and voice of Jack in the Box's "Jack" and founder of Secret Weapon Marketing-contacted Hoffman and requested a correction, prompting Hoffman to contact Ad Age. According to Hoffman, the quote was attributed in the text of his speech; he simply didn't read the attribution. While it was extremely nice of Hoffman to correct his error, it turns out he didn't need to go out of his way to contact Ad Age. Sittig had that front covered as well, leaving at least three voicemails with Ad Age staffers and sending a number of e-mails.

So the record has been straightened. And word of warning to Dave Lubars: You might want to start attributing that "clients should treat agencies like chefs, not waiters" quote properly.

JT rocks the Nickelodeon upfront

Nickelodeon rolled out the orange carpet for its annual upfront fete for advertisers and media buyers, and Justin Timberlake was there to sing about it. Sort of. Justin wasn't really there. Nickelodeon trotted JT out via a prerecorded video to virtually emcee the event. And he didn't sing. But another JT did. MTVN Kids and Family's Senior VP-Ad Sales Jim Tricarico gave a special performance of the Timberlake hit "SexyBack"-with a twist. "Get your sales-y on!" he sang to the crowd amid other lyrics, such as, "Media people, you see these numbers and it ain't no lie."

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