Which Talking Head Will Roll Next?

Matthew Creamer Looks at the Loudmouths That Are Left

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For many, the first election of a Muslim to the U.S. Congress would be cause to celebrate. For Glenn Beck, CNN's mini-O'Reilly, it was a chance to interrogate. "Sir, prove to me you are not working with our enemies," he grilled Keith Ellison, who dared to be non-Christian and opposed to the war in Iraq. It's only a matter of time before Mr. Beck pops off at the wrong time.
The former "Queen of Nice" has transformed herself into an equal-opportunity offender in the political and common-sense spectrums. Ms. O'Donnell, a cohost on "The View," has called for the impeachment of President Bush, wallowed in 9/11 conspiracy theories and offended Chinese folks with her 3-year-old-like rendition of their language. ROSIE O'DONNELL

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The aggressive Ms. Grace, housed on CNN Headline News, gives the phrase "trying the case in the media" a bad name. A combative interview with Melinda Duckett, the mother of a missing toddler, was followed promptly by Ms. Duckett's suicide, though the host denied any connection, blaming it instead on Ms. Duckett's "guilt."
Mr. O'Reilly's no-spin zone is located squarely within the heavily fortified walls of good ol' American self-satisfaction, so this Fox News beacon o' regular-guy wisdom seems pretty insulated. However, his recent immigration-related freakout in a discussion with Geraldo Rivera displayed a tendency toward unscripted rage that could become problematic. BILL O'REILLY

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OK, so it isn't a person, at least not as of press time, but the fact that the video-sharing site's anarchical environs -- user-submitted videos and some filthy message boards -- are increasingly crammed with advertising is a powder keg waiting to blow. It's only a matter of time before some truly objectionable material ends up next to some marketing content and advertisers need to take flight.
The success of this NBC series, hosted by Chris Hansen, goes to show ratings are ratings and that even the misadventures of wouldbe child molesters can be suitable plot drivers. But how long before ne of the stings goes really rong? (We're assuming, of course, it's possible to be more wrong than the episode starring that naked guy with a container of Cool Whip.) "TO

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