Third time's the charm?

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"Practice makes perfect," Maer Roshan is saying, by way of defending his decision to re-re-launch Radar magazine. "We've got five issues under our belt." That's two for the first iteration, in 2003, and three that were published in the next go-round, almost exactly one year ago. "As you keep moving forward, you have a better idea what you're doing."

It's easier for him to be calm and confident today, of course, with Radar scheduled to return to newsstands Feb. 13. When Mort Zuckerman and Jeffrey Epstein withdrew their funding last December, Mr. Roshan felt closer to pulp. "When Mort made this rather surprising decision to close Radar, I wanted to move to Hawaii," he says. "It is hard to do this."

Now an investor group led by Yusef Jackson has promised to support the magazine for at least five years. Although Mr. Jackson made a run at the Chicago Sun-Times when the Hollinger assets were up for sale and would like to do so again, Radar is his first media investment.

"Radar magazine and more specifically Maer Roshan has that which you cannot purchase as an investor," Mr. Jackson says. "I can put around him a business infrastructure with a top-notch publisher and a top-notch organization to sell and effect a multimedia strategy."

Speaking of publishers, this incarnation of Radar already lost one to Conde Nast Publications; the ad director last time, Anne Perton, is acting publisher for now. And speaking of multimedia, the team is working on a Radar concept for cable TV.

In the print edition, under Creative Director Barbara Reyes, almost everything but the logo will look different. The layout and art will be cleaner and less "masculine," she says. "I kind of love this craziness where you're kind of rebranding the brand."

In hiring her, by the way, Mr. Roshan proved he's not superstitious. Ms. Reyes is a veteran of titles including ESPN The Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and Glamour but also worked on two magazines that closed in 2006, Cargo and Teen People.

Nor does Mr. Jackson seem skittish. "I've got to be prayerful and hopeful that we have success, but I think we have everything we need to have success," he says. "I've never failed at anything, and I don't intend to fail today."
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