Top 10 celebrity weekly headlines

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1 "Hey, Madonna, Your Facelift Is Drooping!"

Nov 27, "star"

2 "Tom Will Take Her Baby Away!"

May 1, "star"

3 "What's Wrong With Baby Suri - and Why Is Katie Hiding Her?"

July 31, "star"

4 "Katie's Secret Plan to Escape With Suri!"

Sept. 11, "star"

5 "Yes, Suri, She's Our Baby! World Exclusive"

October, "Vanity Fair"*

5 "'I'm in Love!' Jessica Simpson & John Mayer Shocker,"

Sept. 11, "People"

6 "Jen Rips Brangelina- They Won't Last A Year!"

Jan. 9, "Us Weekly"

7 "Angie Walks Out on Brad. Bust-Up! Jen Says: I Told You So!"

April 10, "star"

8 "Angie & Brad Say I Do"

Sept. 18, "star"

9 "Why Orlando Dumped Kate: She's All Bones!"

Oct. 9, "star"

10 "Britney's Plan for Revenge"

Nov. 27, "Us Weekly"

*We know, not a celeb weekly. But if the shoe fits ...
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