Non-TV efforts that 'Creativity' loved

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1 Amnesty International

"It's not happening here. But it is happening now," Walker, Zurich, switzerland

The posters in this ambitious Swiss campaign are photographs of the scenery directly behind them-save for one important difference: Images of various atrocities are superimposed on the backgrounds, making it look as though injustice is taking place right before your eyes.

2 Dove

"Evolution," Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto

Truth in advertising came a tad closer when Dove pushed back the veil that has obscured our ideas of real beauty since the first zit was airbrushed. The camera stays on the face of an "average" woman as she is transformed by makeup and electronic enhancement into a billboard model.

3 Philips

"Shave Everywhere," Tribal DDB, New York

If penis jokes are funny, the "Shave Everywhere" website is the most elaborate, best-designed, fully interactive and highly entertaining penis joke in the history of mankind. The bathrobe-clad host comments candidly on matters such as "that extra optical inch," and suggestively shaped food products serve as censoring tools.

4 Marc Ecko

"Still Free," Droga5, New York

This viral featuring a mysterious tagger who wrangles his way onto a faux Edwards Air Force Base to deface the president's jet was an impressive first feat for newcomer Droga5. Not only did it become a viral phenomenon and garner loads of press, it earned a handful of Cannes Lions, including the cyber Grand Prix.

5 California Milk Processors Board

"Planet in Need," Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Don't have a cow. Unless you're a citizen of Brittlelactica, home planet to a milk-deprived alien race obsessed with obtaining the white wonder tonic from Earth in the most recent "Got Milk?" campaign. The creatives really outdid themselves creating the back story for the civilization.


"Monk-E-Mail," Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago

The website succeeds for the same reason the TV campaign does: It's got monkeys. Put those simian slackers to work for you in a customizable e-mail-dress up a monkey and record a personal message for it to deliver-and we're quite certain you'll never approach job-searching the same way again.

7 Adidas

adicolor films, Idealogue, New York

The New York-based boutique and producer Sara Seiferheld assembled some of today's best directorial talent to go buck wild creatively on a series of weird, lovely, sexy podcasts, earning the brand real cred not just as a purveyor of fine footwear but as a patron of all things cool. Our favorite: artist Charlie White's beautifully twisted "Pink."

8 Saturn

"250,000 Mile Test Drive," Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

A banner ad that knows where you live? Not as spooky as it sounds, if you're referring to this campaign for the launch of the Saturn Aura, which takes users on a Google Earth-assisted journey to virtual recreations of local Saturn dealerships.

9 Martin luther king JR. day

"Remember Segregation," DDB, Seattle

The campaign in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day was integrated, but the message wasn't. Print ads, direct mail and a website used purposefully segregated sets of copy urging "white and colored" audiences to stick to their own, creating a hard-hitting reminder of the importance of King's legacy.

10 Nike, Apple

nike plus and ipod, R/GA, New York

We've got to hand it to a piece of technology that integrates online and analog design and two marketers' core values and audiences as seamlessly as this one. Simply combine your Nike Plus sneakers and your iPod Nano and start running, while the system tracks your workout in real time.
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