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Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart-the expatriated French creative team who were doing weird things at Goodby Silverstein last year- produced a Pony print campaign, shot by Sacha Waldman, that featured a "Pony Family," as the campaign is called. Yup, Daddy, Mommy and Baby. This is Daddy. "Pony has always been controversial," claim the creative duo. "It's in the DNA of this brand. We just want it to become 'sports controversial.' We believe this new positioning is the most relevant thing we can do with this brand, considering that we can't really fight against Nike or adidas on their communications territory. They're way more credible in sports than Pony is at the moment. This 'anti-sports' or 'sports-irreverent' positioning is a good way to break the codes of this market and be noticed. Pony wants to play with the idea of sports, to play with the institution-with humor, self-derision and a charming distance from its subject."

Client: Pony Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners CD: Rich Silverstein CWs/ADs: Fred & Farid Photographer: Sacha Waldman

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