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As 86 the Onions CD Chad Rea explains of his company's entrepreneurial fashion venture, "Pottymouth, punk rock clothing for punk rock babies, started with one T-shirt. This met with huge success throughout Europe and developed into eight other shirts whose slogans came through consumer suggestions on www.pottymouthshop.com. Depending on how you look at it, Pottymouth is either a company that produces alternative adultwear for babies, or alternative babywear for adults. It was born out of the simple observation that parents often dress their children up like little cute versions of themselves, with miniature Gap pullovers and Nike booties. But what if you're a parent who doesn't dress like the mainstream? Due to the lack of options, your children are more likely to look like one of your conservative neighbor's kids than your own. In a world of sterile shopping franchises, Pottymouth introduces a line of children's clothing that boldly stands out from the sissy, vanilla alternatives."

Client: Pottymouth Clothing Design: 86 the Onions, Venice, Calif. Creatives: Chad Rea, Mark Sloan, Peter Vattanatham, Nico Amman

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