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Tadanori Yokoo Forever
After an inundation of nearly 12,000 entries from 49 countries, the Art Directors Club in New York ( ) has announced the winners of its 83rd annual awards competition in graphic design, photography and new media. An exhibition featuring Gold and Silver medalists and Distinctive Merit winners will be previewed at the annual gala awards presentation on June 3 at the ADC Gallery, but we're pleased to provide a preview of the preview right here. (The numbered credits below match the sequence in the accompanying PDF.)

1. Graphic Design: Poster Design (Silver) Title: "Yokoo by Yokoo" Studio/Client: Yokoo's Circus Co., Tokyo

2. Graphic Design: Poster Design Campaign (Gold) Title: "2003 CalArts Practicum Lecture Series 2" Client: California Institute of Arts Studio: Jae-Hyouk Sung Design, Tokyo Art Directors: Jae-Hyouk Sung, Matthew Normand

3. Graphic Design: Poster Design Campaign (Silver) Title: "Composition of Drawing: Statue of a Man" Studio: Shin Matsunaga Design, Tokyo Art Director: Shin Matsunaga

4. Graphic Design: Poster Design (Gold) Title: "AIGA Minn. Design Camp" Client: AIGA Minn. Studio: Charles S. Anderson Design, Minneapolis Art Director: Charles S. Anderson

5. Graphic Design: Package Design Campaign (Silver) Title: "CDR Sets" Client: Studio: Segura Inc., Tokyo Art Directors: Carlos Segura, Tnop Copywriter: Carlos Segura

6. Graphic Design: Consumer Magazine (Silver) Title: "Zembla Magazine Issue 1" Client: Zembla Magazine Studio: Frost Design, London Art Directors: Vince Frost, Matt Willey

7. Graphic Design: Package Design (Silver) Book Title: "The Death of the Mouse" ("Der Mausetod") Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/Frankfurt

8. Photography Campaign (Silver) Title: "New Faces" Client: Kids Wear Magazine Studio: Achim Lippoth Photography, Cologne Art Director: Adeline Morlon Photographer: Achim Lippoth

9. Photography Campaign (Silver) Title: "Boo Heaven" Studio/Client: The New York Times Magazine Art Director: Janet Froelich Photographer: Rodney Smith

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