BOOKS: A Typographer "Fails" With Words

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From Words Fail Me
From Words Fail Me
From Phaidon Press, Words Fail Me is a quirky little $12.95 hardcover by London-based designer/typographer Teresa Monachino — and of course words don't fail the author at all, they're her artistic playground. Monachino, director of 999 Design, "has always been baffled by the English language's contradictions and peculiarities," according to the publisher. "Words do not mean what they say; words have the same spelling but differ in both pronunciation and meaning; words are paired together redundantly." As Monachino puts it, "English hoodwinks us into believing one thing while concealing something quite different. All is not what it seems." Some spreads from the book are seen here. See for more and go to for a lively look at Monachino's typographic dazzlement — if you can handle the "naked" truth.
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