BOOKS: An Analog Design Celebration

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From Handmade
From Handmade
New from Gingko Press, Handmade, edited and designed by Andrea Lugli, is presented as a $39.95 paperback antidote to what is described as "out-of-control" computer-based design. As Gingko's David Lopes says in his introduction, "Over the past 20 years computers and design have become irretrievably interdependent. Since the advent of the Macintosh, the all-pervading popularity of the 'digital' image has created what can only be referred to as a new genre of design. Out of the noise of the abused Photoshop filters, digital 'cut + paste' collages, overused 'superflat' graphics, and an infinite array of typographic aberrations, an entirely new class of graphic clich
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