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From Hoopla
From Hoopla
Hoopla, 432 pages of the collected wit, wisdom and work of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, is out from PowerHouse Books, but handle it with care. The $45 hardcover has a hair shirt of a jacket — it's sandpaper. As the text on the scratchy back explains, this allows some of your skin cells to remain on the cover, so several generations from now you can be cloned "from your own DNA." That pretty well sets the tone for the tome; as CP+B's Alex Burnard, CD/AD on the project — the book was designed with New York's GHavisualagency — notes, "Hoopla is a snapshot of life at CP+B — a kind of cocktail of the people, work, results and mythology of the place. Too many advertising books treat the work like it should be under glass at a museum, creating some sort of delusion that ads are art. But for us, it only matters when the things we make work — when popular culture is influenced, when behavior is changed and momentum is created for whatever message we're putting out there. We never believed we could do a book without showing what happens when the work leaves the building, so a lot of campaign stories have general snapshots of the work and how its momentum evolved."

Working with freelance writer Warren Berger, who "acts as the narrator of the book," says Burnard, "we chose a few of the basic principles we care about when we're making work and we had Warren interview us about them. Things like candor, mischief and pragmatism are all covered." These sections are in shocking, but smooth, pink. While space limitations required plenty of work to be excluded, all the "secrets" are there. "We laid everything on the table," says Burnard. No doubt after giving it a good sanding. "All our thoughts, beliefs and opinions on how we make advertising are there.You might have to make a few connections for yourself, but there's nothing held back to keep an 'edge.' " Case in point (see the PDF) is a spread featuring rough — very rough — sketches for a BK chicken sandwich idea. Click here for more pages. Additional Crispin credits on the project include ECD Alex Bogusky and CD/writer Dave Schiff; GHavisualagency credits to designers Alvaro Ilizarbe, Richard Chang and Mike DelMarmol.

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