BOOKS: The Glory Days of Smoking and Drinking

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Hey, It Suits Your T-Zone!
Almost as small as a pack of cigarettes, and, at $14.95, only a tad more expensive, Collectors Press brings us the tobacco and booze ad fest called What’s Your Poison: Addictive Advertising of the'40s-'60s, by Kirvin Blount. Since it's a cargo pocket-size paperback, many of the ads are too small to really inhale properly, but its easy portability means you can always have it with you to throw at the die-hard butt-wheezer blowing that cloud of toxic gases at you in the street. Besides the "hundreds of classic print advertisements from the postwar era," as the publisher notes, the mini tome also offers "cultural commentary reflecting on bad habits then and now," and "trivia, facts and figures that paint a picture of a nation hooked." See for more.
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