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Better Than Reagan's Star Wars
Talk about the hands-on power of brands: Do you happen to have a 1983 Casio Missile Defender? Well, we want to buy it. Because we've been flipping through Universe Publishing's Retro-Electro: Collecting Technology from Atari to Walkman, by Pepe Tozzo, and now we have a craving to go online on a Commodore PET (see the PDF) and grab one on eBay. The publisher calls this $29.95 hardcover "addictively browsable," and it is. It's further described as "the essential guide to what technology from the last half of the 20th century is collectible and what isn't. There is a huge market for these objects among the baby-boom generation for whom they have undeniable nostalgic appeal, and this is the only book to survey the trend, catalog and depict the full range of objects and gauge the correct price levels." Never mind price levels; this is the kind of book that makes you think if only you had a 1978 Milton Bradley Simon, in excellent condition, boxed, everything would be OK. We don't have a pic of this colorul wonder, but see the PDF for the: 1969 Philips round record player; 1970 JVC Videosphere TV; 1972 Panasonic Toot-a-Loop phone; 1977 Atari 2600 videogame system; and the aforementioned 1977 Commodore PET, "probably the first computer that worked straight out of the box," according to author Tozzo. Picture credits: Pepe Tozzo, Retro-Electro: Collecting Technology from Atari to Walkman™, Universe Publishing, an imprint of Rizzoli New York 2005. Click here for more.
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