BOOKS: KesselsKramer Unloads a Tome

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2 Kilo in Action
2 Kilo in Action
Amsterdam agency KesselsKramer has released an 880-page retrospective of its work, from Pie Books Japan, with text in both English and Japanese. It's called 2 Kilo, because that's what it weighs, and, as you can see here, in a typical "We're Dutch and we don't take ourselves too seriously" promotional pic, it also makes a great weapon. As KK notes in its promo copy, "2 Kilo has it all: the best and the not so best, from the very first days of KesselsKramer in 1996 to the latest work being done today for brands such as Absolut vodka, the House of Trussardi and Bavaria beer. Printed in a massive volume that weighs in at a whopping 2,000 grams, 2 Kilo packs a punch, provides a broad and all-inclusive reference guide and will put an attractive dent in any desk or reading table." See the PDF for additional promo moments, and see and for more.
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