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Real Photo Postcards
Real Photo Postcards
Had your fill of reality TV? Like maybe five years ago? Go totally retro with the vintage reality postcards of Real Photo Postcards: Unbelievable Images from the Collection of Harvey Tulcensky, a $19.95 paperback from Princeton Architectural Press, edited by Laetitia Wolff of creative consultancy Futureflair. The backstory from the publisher: "Postcards as we know them today didn't come into being until 1907. This new postal service development neatly collided with the invention of the first affordable and portable amateur camera. In a brilliant feat of marketing, Kodak created a service called Real Photo Postcards that allowed a person to make a postcard out of any photograph they took and send it for just a penny. This craze took off and was popular throughout the early 1900s." The cards have been assembled from the collection of Harvey Tulcensky, a New York-based artist and collector. Some images from the book are seen in this PDF showcase. See for more.
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