Wayne Hunt on Environmental Graphics

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Hunt's Environmental Graphics
In his latest book, Environmental Graphics: Projects and Process, published by Harper Design International, Wayne Hunt (whose Pasadena-based company, Hunt Design Associates, was showcased in Creativity in July 2003) presents an overview of one of the most overlooked but pervasive areas of design, which encompasses everything from museums and theme parks to retail destinations, restaurants, streets, public spaces and even airports and educational facilities. "Every sign, no matter how humble, presents an opportunity to create a memorable experience with everyone who encounters it," says Hunt. "Signage, and every form of environmental graphics, is about creating the consummate experience." The book documents the design process behind more than 20 new projects from around the United States, and it also includes essays from such industry leaders as Jack Biesek, Jeffry Corbin, Virginia Gehshan and Jerome Cloud, Ann Dudrow and Jan Lorenc. See www.huntdesign.com and www.harpercollins.com for more. Seen here are some Hunt projects that were featured in last year's Creativity story.
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