EXHIBITIONS: Dave Alsobrooks' "Culture of Corruption"

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From Culture of Corruption
From Culture of Corruption
Advertising creative, designer, photographer and fine-artist Dave Alsobrooks, an ad freelancer who's worked for several North Carolina agencies, has an exhibition of his paintings through Sept. 30 at Chicago's ARC Gallery: "Culture of Corruption." A rather droll attack on the GOP powers that be, as Alsobrooks explains, "Each portrait in the show reflects the words or deeds of the person represented. In other words, the medium is the message." So we have, for example, Donald Rumsfeld rendered in (synthetic) blood on canvas; Dubya himself in motor oil and pencil with matchbooks; Scooter Libby in mixed media and white correction fluid; Dick Cheney in ribbons, lapel pins, buckshot and latex paint; Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez in phone wires and wood stain; and, the lead piece here, Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff in mixed media on wood with water line, titled "The Protector," in a wry nod to Katrina. See the PDF for these and more, and see www.culture-of-corruption.com for more on the show, which also features an accompanying book. In his artist's statement, Alsobrooks writes, "Each member of this elite(ist) society solidifies their position with words or deeds. Sometimes both. They choose their legacy with clear vision. The members of the C.O.C. select the medium of their addition to history alone and with no regret. They do not or would not ask your opinion. Or mine." See www.davealsobrooks.com for more.
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