EXHIBITIONS: Rich Silverstein Makes Big News

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News Fit to Print
News Fit to Print
Rich Silverstein, founding partner and co-chairman of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, has mounted a show called "News Print: An Observation by Rich Silverstein," running Oct. 5-25 in a gallery space at 619 Sansome St. in San Francisco. "Ever since I was a kid, I've been addicted to the news," says Silverstein. "I've always appreciated the absurdity of world events and how they've reflected on popular culture. My show is a collection of observations from the morning paper." But you can bet he didn't cut them out and just tack them on a wall. These are framed observations, collected mostly over the past year, that have been meticulously enlarged to heights as great as 7 feet and printed on fine watercolor paper. At that size, "Floridian Wakes Up With Bullet in Head" (see the PDF) could take on some sort of towering cosmic significance. The oversized pieces, says Silverstein, "don't play back like they would in a newspaper. They may be absurd and funny or they may be poignant and very serious." At these inflated dimensions, "Condoleezza Rice taking the oath looks like a Norman Rockwell painting, and Bush and Putin in a little car look like two clowns in the circus." The show is not sponsored by any client nor does Silverstein have plans to sell the work. Before he had the gallery idea, the original notion was to hang them in the office, "and that's probably where they'll end up," he says. Call 415-955-6000 for more information.
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