PHOTOGRAPHY: Douglas Menuez Shoots New York

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Gotham Suite
Gotham Suite
In the summer of 2005, the Mayor's Office of the New York Economic Development Corporation commissioned photojournalist and ad shooter Douglas Menuez to document the city's five boroughs. "They asked me to shoot whatever I saw fit, to roam the streets on my own schedule," he recalls. "Aside from the daunting, impossible task this presented, it was, of course, a dream assignment. I'd just moved back after almost 30 years away and was learning New York all over again. I was seeing the town with fresh eyes." The project, part of a plan to create a library of images for future promotional use, "was all about going back to my roots as a fine-art documentary photographer and capturing moments, but this time we shot all-digital," he explains. "So the work was all in color, and the color was very warm because of the intensely humid and hot weather and the pollution hovering over the city last July." But he later converted many images to black and white, whose "emotion and intimacy are more immediate to me; color can be distracting." Formats aside, "My sense is that New York has become the best version of itself –– at least it's the best version I've seen in my lifetime. I hope it lasts." "Gotham Suite," an exhibition of images from this project, runs August 5 - Sept. 5, at Studio B, 8 Old Forge Road, in Woodstock, N.Y. Call 845-679-9555 for details. See the PDF for some of that rich digital color, and see for more.
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