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Whitaker's pics
Last week we showcased the paintings of Powell's Neil Powell, as seen in an exhibition at New York's Ohio Edit. Also on display at the show were the photographs of Adam Whitaker, creative director at Duffy/London, and we're pleased to showcase a bunch here.

"This is the sort of photography I've been doing since my college days," Whitaker explains. "One of the downsides of being a designer is that the process can be very laborious. Tweaks and changes and even starting all over again are perfectly possible in the age of the Mac. As a result, it can be an effort to get work produced as it was originally conceived. Photography is more like music to me. If someone plays the guitar, you listen to it and then it's finished. If you take a photograph, it's a record of how things were then, about what happened as you took the picture — then it's over. If you go back another day, it will be different. It's about something happening at a certain time in a certain place; it stops the world we live in, so we can look at it differently."

Whitaker's extensive travel portfolio includes "collating a library of images," as he puts it, for a "Real Argentina" wine campaign (see "It's a good example of what design, photography and writing can achieve in combination," he says. Whitaker has shot far and wide over the years, in such locales as Croatia, Vienna, Tobago, Kenya and Cuba, as well as across the U.S. and the U.K. "I often take similar subjects in different locations — normal everyday things. Bikes chained to poles; bus stops; newspapered-up windows; quirky cars — everyday stuff. People often ask me what I take pictures of, and I say, 'Well, kind of nothing, really.' "

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