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Crunch: Barf-worthy?
We got the following letter re last week's Crunch Fitness "Virgin" campaign, which we're running again here for your viewing pleasure or displeasure, as the case may be.

"I have to say that the Crunch Fitness campaign made me want to barf — I can't believe you guys featured it. Does Crunch fitness cater exclusively to men? Because I can't imagine any women I know feeling comfortable — scantily clad, sweaty and vulnerable in front of mirrored walls — exercising in a place that encourages muscle-bound guys to physically violate the stationary bicycles. Our senior copywriter mentioned it might work well for a prison yard exercise equipment campaign." — Jacquie Paul, Copywriter, The Robin Shepherd Group, Jacksonville, Fla.

Jacquie, thanks for that "scantily clad, sweaty and vulnerable in front of mirrored walls" — it made our day. Anyone else who can write gym porn and would care to comment on this campaign is invited to do so immediately. Seriously, does this campaign really break down along gender lines? Send your thoughts to [email protected]. And we encourage correspondence from the incarcerated.

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