DESIGN: A New Fashion Brand MC's Like Escher

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The Nature of Duality
Designer David Gensler, president of a fashion-forward global design collective known as The Keystone Design Union (, has launched what he calls a "high-luxury streetwear brand," which goes by the intriguing name of Serum Vs. Venom ( As befits the unusual moniker, the darkly Escheresque graphic campaign "represents duality and nature, two universal forces that affect us all," says Gensler, CD/designer on the project. "I'm not sure at any given time what side of the fence I'm on — good or evil — so the name represents my personal struggle to figure it out. It also reflects the battle that's going on in the marketplace; overabundance has created an environment where only true product quality can differentiate a brand. Consumers are so tired of witty ad campaigns and overly slick imagery pushing inflated promises. Ultimately, quality and function win." Also seen in the PDF are some fashion shots from the new line, photographed by Kareem Black (, with artwork by NoPattern, aka Chuck Anderson (, a digital artist previously featured in PrintCritic.
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