DESIGN: A Tristan Eaton Character Leaps From TV to Toy

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Billy Bananas
Billy Bananas
At New York Comic Con late last month, co-CDs Luis Blanco and Michael Uman of design/animation studio InterSpectacular, and urban vinyl artist Tristan Eaton of Thunderdog Studios unveiled a signed edition of a Billy Bananas figure — an urban vinyl incarnation from the world of animation. The 5-inch-tall, injection-molded toy is designed by Eaton, "reverse engineered," as Blanco puts it, from the character seen earlier in an elaborate Comedy Central animated 3-D ID called "Dead Man Walkin' " — a collaboration between Eaton and InterSpectacular, part of the latter's 2004 Comedy Central redesign. "I've always had a fascination with the secret lives of cartoon characters," says Eaton. "What do they do when the TV turns off? I think they're just like us, but worse. Billy has the look of a 1930s vintage animation character, but he's an alcoholic and a womanizer. He carries an ax. He's bitter about the entertainment industry. The imagination can run wild wondering what kind of trouble a twisted character like Billy can get into." See and for more.
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