DESIGN: Chuck Anderson, Wunderkind

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No Porn Pattern
Chicago-based designer/illustrator Chuck Anderson, who goes by the handle of NoPattern (see, is in fact developing a pattern — of advertising and editorial coolness. He's already worked for clients on the level of Absolut, McDonald's and Burton snowboards, and his editorial credits include assorted hip reads like Clear, Complex, Rockpile, Black+White and XLR8R. Even cooler is the fact that he's only 19. As for the NoPattern name, "Coming from a completely self-taught background, my work is always changing and developing — I'm pushing things forward and not looking back," he says. The name was "originally inspired by the movie Pi," he adds, "but it's come to mean everything to me and my work" — though at the same time he says "don't read too much into it." Fickle, maybe, but how's this for heartwarming: key influences are "family, friends and God," though he also mentions Audi TTs, Scrabble and, on a slightly more conventional Gen Z note, tattoos. "I hope to retire on my freelance someday, look back on it and laugh at it all, wondering if I could have made more as a vet or a rapper." We're leading this showcase (which also includes an Anderson self-portrait) with an image from yet another funky hipster read, While You Were Sleeping. Who is that sitting on the kitchen counter? "Some porn star," shrugs Anderson, who doesn't seem to be much of a Maxim lad. "I don't usually want to associate my work with porn stars, but the photo was too cool to pass up." Nor does he associate his work with Macs. "I don't work on a Mac. I don't like Macs. Strange, I know, but I just work better on my lovely Sony Vaio." See more on Anderson and other design up-and-comers in the October issue of Creativity.
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