DESIGN: Eyeball Goes With the Flow

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Let the Martinis "Flow"
Motion graphics/design company EyeballNYC ( ) has packaged its latest DVD showreel with a print promotion of sorts. The trade paperback-sized book is so non-narratively artsy, you've just gotta love it. But what the hell is it? "The reel is a great place for us to stretch out creatively, without the limits of clients and deadlines," explains ACD Julian Bevan. "For our new reel, 'Flow,' we created a printed piece, which we then shot on video and treated in post to seamlessly transition in and out of our motion graphics work. We were very attracted to the idea of presenting our motion graphics in the context of what is, in essence, an EyeballNYC sketchbook; something tactile, something personal. Our original intention was simply to create one book for the shoot and leave it at that. However, when we finally finished the book, we liked it so damn much we said, 'Let's print it!' We felt it would be a nice accompaniment to the reel and give our friends and clients a chance to peek into our minds up close. There's no real theme or message to the book whatsoever. It's simply a mishmash of sketches, photos, doodles, scribbles and random objects from our lives, past and present. Some of it is work related, much of it is not." Seen here are some pages from the book.

On a related note, Andrea Dionisio, an ACD at EyeballNYC, is having one hell of a happy hour, thanks to his skill and the Bombay Sapphire "Design a Glass" contest. First, he won the U.S. "Design a Glass" competition and enjoyed an all expenses paid weeklong trip to Milan, where his boozechild was made a martini reality by a professional glass manufacturer. Then he went on to the international event, where his design, known as "Oliva," placed second. The "Oliva" is "a combination of stainless steel and glass uniquely designed for the classic martini," says Dionisio. This is because it's got a teardrop shape that "culminates at the bottom, where the olive is cocooned within the glass. When the martini is finished, you can unscrew the glass and reward yourself with the olive, making the drinking experience a journey." Dude, this Bud's for you! See for more.

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