DESIGN: Kenneth Hirst's Faux Fun Fragrances

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Hats Off to Hirst
Hats Off to Hirst
Kenneth Hirst of New York-based strategic design firm Hirst Pacific has done his share of fragrance packaging, with work for Gant, Nautica and Jennifer Lopez, among others, but he's expanded his creative horizons to include the Vatican, the White House and the pinnacle of world power, Martha Stewart (see the PDF) — with a portfolio of fantasy designer fragrances. "Don't expect to see these brands on your local fragrance counter any time soon," he says. "Working without direct contact with the celebrity" — get outta here, Ken, you mean you didn't even try to get some Papal input on this? — "I formulated the designs based on their public persona, famous or infamous quotes, actions, facts, rumors and general hearsay. It's a light-hearted study into the possible future of the celebrity branding phenomenon." See the PDF and for more.
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