DESIGN: Plazm's Wall of Sex

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Doin' Awe With the Fez On
New York's Museum of Sex ( "Spotlight on the Permanent Collection" show, which opened Feb. 7, features a 125-square-foot wall called "Stimulating Sales: Sex and Design," curated and designed by writer Sarah Dougher and Joshua Berger, the latter a founder of Portland's Plazm Media ( The two also collaborated on the 2003 Rockport book XXX: The Power of Sex in Contemporary Design. Even in this chilly post-Janet era, "From fashion to advertising to event promotion, sex is everywhere," says Berger. "We're exploring the many systems of visual communication that sex brings to design and advertising, and we've fleshed out these ideas with images from leading designers around the world." Like Art Chantry, Todd Gallopo, Stefan Sagmeister, Mirko Ilic, Hysteric Glamour Workshop and Coop, who takes an unconventional look at conventioneers in the piece that leads this PDF showcase. Re the Coop work, Dougher and Berger note, "In this poster featuring Shriners incapacitated by the sexy stripper, the artist explores a nostalgic and ironic view of femininity that causes men to become stupid. It represents a fantasy world where this confused awe is actually rewarded rather than scorned." Isn't that called advertising?
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