DESIGN: Scion's Art Cars Roll Again

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Backseat Drummer
Backseat Drummer
Via L.A.-based Inform Ventures, Scion's special projects agency, the latest round of artist-customized Scion xB's made their debut in November at SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association's show, in Las Vegas. This lead piece, by David Choe, "mixes early adolescent monster truck fantasies of running everyone over, with all the graf art I've done for the past decade, with a custom drumset built into the back," he explains. Choe does, in fact, play the drums. "Over a decade ago I was at a crossroads in my life between a path of music or art," he says. "I chose art, and this is where the paths come together as worlds collide. I was asked what my dream car was, so I drew it on the back of a greasy Wendy's napkin. I never thought they'd really make it and I still can't believe they did. I painted it up in Seattle on an Indian reservation in less than a day. I was gonna take a week to do it, but I unleashed on it for 21 hours straight and spent the rest of the time losing all my money at the Indian casino." In the PDF, Mike Giant says of his comparatively restrained design, "I had photos of a '40s Ford panel truck that was the starting point for this xB. It was flat black with whitewalls — I thought it was a really classy-looking truck." The result, called "Mi Chica Sabrosa," combines "elements from hot rod style and lowriding style. I wish it was in my driveway." The third Art Car is the work of Invisible:Man, aka Andrew Lee, who lived up to his handle and was unavailable for comment.
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